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Schwing Stetter launches 18 new products at EXCON 2017, held in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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Realigns its product portfolio; launches “Application based products” to suit the Indian market

Bengaluru, December 12th, 2017: SCHWING Stetter India (SSI), one of the leading concrete equipment manufacturing company has launched new products and technology innovations during EXCON 2017 that took place in Bengaluru between December 12th – 16th, 2017. Keeping in line with the growing Government infrastructure requirements, the company introduced the “Application theme based method”. With products across Concreting, Non-concreting, Industrial and Environmental technology solutions; this move will enable the company to participate across all Government projects that will be announced.

Stetter Concrete Transit Mixer AM7SHC2
Stetter Concrete Transit Mixer AM7SHC2
Schwing Nimo AM3SH Concrete Transit Mixer
Nimo – AM3SH Concrete Transit Mixer
Schwing Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump S36 X
Schwing Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump S36 X
Stetter Concrete Transit Mixer AM8FHC2 and AM6FHC2
Stetter Concrete Transit Mixer AM8FHC2
Stetter Chilling Plant 100 Tn
Stetter Chilling Plant

Schwing Stetter India, the concrete equipment manufacturing giant has always laid emphasis on indigenizing products and introducing newer product range, always keeping in mind of the customer requirements. Schwing Stetter announced several key partnerships this year :

  • Announced their partnership with XCMG for setting up a new manufacturing facility in India
  • Signed a pact for the sales and service rights for GOMACO’s entire range of concrete paving products in the country, except for the state of Telangana
  • Partnered with Einsite for IoT solutions making “smart, connected” concreting machinery

In addition to this, the company’s new product go-to-market strategy will focus on 5-key application themes that are quite critical to the country’s infrastructure development. With products across all these key categories, Schwing Stetter is confident of playing a vital role in the infrastructure development of the country:

  1. Rural infrastructure
  2. Urban infrastructure
  3. Swachh Bharat
  4. Metro & High Speed Rail
  5. Expressways, Tunnels & Airport Infra

 As one of the largest exhibitors at EXCON 2017, SCHWING Stetter’s products target a massive audience, from small customers to large corporates across various segments. Schwing Stetter will showcase the latest progressions in construction engineering with emphasis on latest products, equipment & technology with specific emphasis on efficiency, productivity, safety, environment protection and construction quality. New products that were launched at the stall OD 20, 28 in 3200 sq.mt space were:

  • Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump SP 1015
  • Schwing Stationary Concrete Pump SP 1330,
  • Stetter Batching Plant M3
  • Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM 2200
  • Gomaco Concrete Paver GP 2600
  • Schwing Plastering Pump S30HD40-FU-TM100
  • SCHWING – XCMG Tower Crane XT 335 (8020-16)
  • XCMG Crawler Crane XGC 85
  • XCMG Type Milling Machine XM1003
  • XCMG Motor Grader GR 1605
  • XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig XR180D
  • XCMG Aerial Work Platform GTJZ1012, GTJZ1212, GTBZ18A1, GTBZ22S
  • XCMG Horizontal Directional Drilling XZ (200/320) D
  • Gomaco Concrete Paver with Independent Dowel bar inserter

    Schwing Concrete Pump SP 1330 (2)
    Schwing Concrete Pump SP 1330
Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM2200
Stetter Self Loading Mixer SLM 2200
Schwing Plastering Pump S30HD40-FU-TM100
Schwing Concrete Pump SP 1015
Schwing Concrete Pump SP 1015
M3 Batching plant
Stetter Batching Plant M3
Stetter Concrete Recycling Plant RA 20
Stetter Recycling Plant RA20

Mr. Anand Sundaresan, Chairman, Schwing Stetter Sales and ServicesSpeaking on the occasion, Anand Sundaresan, Vice Chairman & MD, SCHWING Stetter India Pvt. Ltd, said, “Schwing Stetter India has always been at the forefront of India’s infrastructure needs. While we have been playing a key role in the development of the country, we are taking a step towards, widening our reach to all corners of our country. We think this product realignment strategy will definitely work wonders for us & the construction industry SCHWING Stetter is thrilled to be a part of EXCON 2017 and we are eager to showcase our products this year. EXCON 2017 is a great platform for all players in the construction industry to come forward and display their recent or new products. We have had a great experience in the previous years, and believe that the massive growth in the industry will make this year’s exhibition a great success.

Mr.V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales and ServicesV.G. Sakthikumar, Managing Director, SCHWING Stetter Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd, said, “EXCON has provided an excellent opportunity in the previous years to showcase our new products to our existing and new customers. At Schwing Stetter, we have always paid attention to environmental issues and being a concrete equipment manufacturing company, we have always laid emphasis on indigenizing products and introducing newer product range, always keeping in mind of the customer requirements. We look forward to a remarkable EXCON 2017.”



Einsite and Schwing Stetter India Partner to Digitize the Construction Industry

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Chennai, July, 2017: Einsite, a construction technology startup, and Schwing Stetter, the world’s premier concrete equipment company, have entered into a partnership to bring internet-of-things technology to the construction industry. The goal of the partnership is to digitize construction project management and execution.


This partnership have been entered into the Indian registered subsidiaries of the two companies, Invento Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Einsite), and Schwing Stetter India Pvt. Ltd. (Schwing Stetter). Einsite has built a project management platform that collects data from the field using smart-devices and allows construction companies to manage their projects from a software web application.

Schwing Stetter makes the world’s most advanced concrete equipment, including batching plants, concrete pumps and concrete truck mixers, among others. During the course of the partnership, the two companies will first work to create a seamless integration between Einsite smart-devices and Schwing Stetter equipment, and then collaborate on how to best provide valuable and actionable insights to the end-users construction companies.


The idea for this collaboration came out from a discussion between Einsite CEO, Mr. Anirudh Reddy, and Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Private Limited, MD, Mr. V.G.Sakthikumar, at the CONEXPO, Las Vegas in March 2017. They were talking about the shortcomings of the construction industry and the technology initiatives that both Einsite and Schwing Stetter India were working on separately, when they realized how impactful it would be if they worked together towards their common goal.

“We are excited to be working with the concrete industry pioneer, Schwing Stetter India, on such an exciting endeavour. While most other industries have been digitized and automated, construction lags far behind – we are now going to change that!” said Mr. Anirudh Reddy, talking about the immense potential of the partnership to transform the construction industry.

“We always believe in bringing the state of the art technology to the concreting industry. We recognize the need of different customer segment in controlling their concrete production process and offer the best suited solutions. We are impressed with Einsite approach to the construction sites for solutions,that brings better management of the project as a whole. We believe our partnership with Einsite will benefit the end users phenomenally” quoted Mr. V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Private limited and Chairman of Mechanization Committee, Builders Association of India.

About Einsite: Einsite is a team of dreamers and engineers digitizing the construction industry. With bases in the US (Palo Alto) and India (Hyderabad), Einsite is building a world-class construction management platform that leverages technologies like the internet-of-things and computer vision to provide actionable insights to construction companies. It was founded by brothers Rajiv and Anirudh Reddy in 2015, and got backed by leading venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) in 2016. http://www.einsite.com /contact@einsite.io

About SCHWING Stetter India Pvt Ltd: Incorporated in June 1998, and commencing its manufacturing operations in 1999, SCHWING Stetter India is a 100% subsidiary of SCHWING Group of companies, a 1 Billion USD German Concrete machinery manufacturer and a part of XCMG group. SCHWING Stetter is a pioneer in manufacturing equipment for concrete preparation, placement, transportation and recycling. SCHWING Stetter (India) Private Limited manufactures concrete batching plants, concrete mixers for transporting readymade concrete to construction sites, concrete pumps, concrete placing booms, tower cranes, self-loading mixers and recycling plants. We cater to infrastructure developers and also acts as an OEM supplier to various cement companies who offer Ready Mix Concrete. SCHWING Stetter group has its manufacturing units in 11 countries including Germany, Austria, USA, Brazil, Russia, China, Ostrava, India, sales and service centers in France, Netherlands, Austria and Sweden as well as representations in more than 145 countries worldwide. http://www.schwingstetterindia.com