Month: October 2015

Schwing Stetter India is launching an exclusive range of Schwing Sludge Pump System at IFAT India 2015 in Bombay Exhibition Center

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SCHWING Stetter India with its strong presence in concrete construction equipment in India is launching an exclusive range of Schwing Sludge Pump System at IFAT India 2015 at Bombay Exhibition Center. This marks the entry of Schwing Stetter India into Industrial & Environmental Technology. Schwing Sludge pump system is especially developed for industrial applications. It has fully automatic operations through remote monitoring.

Schwing sludge pumps are available at a standard design with a continuous electro-hydraulic adjustment of the delivery rate – which depending on the installation size range from 0.1m3/h to 200m/h. reliable operation with pumping pressures even above 100bars.12080037_913711865332222_469747564833116918_o Mr. V.G Sakthikumar – Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Pvt Ltd with his team.

The convincing advantage of the Schwing sludge pumping system at one glance:

  1. Transportation by pipe is environment – friendly, no dust – no dirt, no odour and no noise.

  2. Reliable and cost effective due to a generous dimensions and a low hydraulic pressure. A robust design allows easy repair and maintenance.

  3. Smooth switching and no backflow from one pumping cylinder to the other, thanks to the poppet valve design. This is especially important in case of compressible sludges or high pressure heads.

  4. High fatigue strength and precise switching of the transfer tube is typical for the moment-free “Rock valve”.

  5. Problem-free continuous operations even with high pumping pressures and large pumping distances. Running time of more than 50,000 hours of continuous operation are common. Their high availability makes it a reliable system for the operator.